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COLLECTION #305: Linde Derickx in “Questione Di Leggerezza” Photographed by Stefan Giftthaler & Styled by Milva Gigli for D La Repubblica, April 2014
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Bianca Balti for Dolce & Gabbana
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Milan Fashion Week Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 RTW - by taylor jewell & gianni pucci

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W Magazine: Ciara’s Great Expectations
The pregnant pop star is ready for her close up.

Carmen Kass / Narciso Rodriguez
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"Fashion has, almost since its first recognition, been represented as art’s “other.” It has, until relatively recently, acquired no laudatory history, no museum of good example to pass down to future generations, no philosophy or critique; it has expanded within our culture without benefit of the academy. Whether from the position of Stoic, moral severity or Christian denunciation of sensuality, the preponderance of rhetorical commentary on fashion has, throughout history, been antagonistic. Fashion conflicts absolutely with these concepts of permanence, truth and authenticity, and is regarded as being particularly dangerous when it insidiously enters the citadels of art—Fiat modus pereat arus—as though virginal art were at constant risk of defilement."

Robert Radford, “Dangerous Liaisons: Art, Fashion and Individualism,” Fashion Theory (via bodyfluids)

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Misa Patinszki by Brent Chua

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Sibylle Bergemann (1941-2010)…fotografa